Hi From Paul

Me, my wife, twin girls and two year old girl.

I am a real person and my name is Paul Browning. I live in a village to the north of Milton Keynes in the UK.

I worked as a police officer in the UK for 12 years and then made the jump into a career in IT. I worked in a few IT jobs including helpdesk and network support before moving into contracting and then running my own IT training and consultancy company.

During my time in IT I have learned a lot about goal setting, interpersonal skills, interview techniques and how to get your resume in front of decision makers at small to big companies. Through my training company and Cisco training website www.howtonetwork.net I’ve helped over three thousand students to study for and pass exams and enjoy a successful career in IT.

I want you to know that I only teach what I know works. The truth is that if you stick to the basics and present yourself in a professional way, do your research and take the time to plan you are well over half way to enjoying a career in IT. The other half is strategy which is where many people go wrong.

Surfing for jobs on job boards and sending off your resume is not likely to result in success. You are more likely to experience massive frustration if you do that but this is what 99% of people do. Job boards are actually the third most successful way to get a job in IT. In these lessons I will be telling you about the top two.

This site is all about taking stock of your skills and talents, working on any gaps or weaknesses and then getting clear on what your dream job in IT means to you. Is it programming, networking, web design and is it for a large fast paced company or a smaller start up perhaps? Only you know.

When you know what you really want then with help from this site you can get your plan in place and execute it as part of your daily activities.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you on the forums. If you want to hear more then hop over to my other site www.paulbrowning.com