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Passed CCNA and Landed a Job

I love to share stories of students who have little hands on experience or industry experience but still decide to study hard. They pass the exam and it comes as no surprise to me that they get a job.

Here is a note from Brian Cleary who wrote to me this week and did just that. I want his story to give you the  belief you need that if you put the work in you will get the result.


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Get Immediate Experience – Risk Free

Answers are usually right under your nose you know.

I see people struggling and fighting to get ahead when there is almost always an easy option.

Take getting experience you can use to add to your resume for example. Did you know that you can get as much freelance work as you like and do it in your spare time. Along the way you can add details of your client to your resume to beef it up considerably.

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Certification Leads to Jobs

I know others will argue that experience counts and of course it does count for a lot.

But let’s not veer too far towards the argument that you are more employable if you  have a relevant certification. There are so many benefit to employers to recruiting certified engineers including: Read more…

The Six Ps

The armed forces have a slightly rude version of this but for our purposes we will refer to the six P’s as:

  • Prior
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Prevents
  • Pretty
  • Poor
  • Performance

And we need to know how to apply this to our search for the perfect IT job.

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Steering Cars

If you had to steer a car would you prefer to steer a stationary or a moving car?

I’m guessing that you would choose the moving car. The wheel would turn far easier because of the momentum and the fact the tyres were rolling assisting you to move the steering wheel.

So stuff is easier to do when there is some sort of momentum.

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This post is about how many times you can expect to have to attempt a thing before achieving success. And the magic number is 100.

Take my friend who had a manuscript for a book and was trying to find a publisher. 99 said no and number 100 said yes. He has published over 30 books since and produced 2 movies.

JK Rowling had her book ‘Harry Potter’ rejected 100 times.

I had to make 100 calls before I landed a lucrative training deal with a government department.

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Volunteer to Get Experience

If you have some qualifications but lack experience then consider volunteering.

You get to do something worthwhile. You get experience on your resume and a reference. Here are some tips to get the most out of volunteering:

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Learn More to Earn More

Most people want a pay rise.

One recurring theme we see in the media is employees demanding more pay. The question we need to ask ourselves of course is what have we done to deserve the pay rise? The following aren’t reasons for an increase in pay:

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The Best Skill

What do you think is the most valuable skill to employers after your technical ability?

Sure, teamwork is great, hard work, presentation skills and so on. There is one skill though which will always be at a premium and make you an invaluable resource.

The ability to listen without interrupting others.

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Ready – Fire – Aim

I prefer to take action more than planning. I find that you learn more by doing and then you can come back to your plan after getting some initial feedback.

I’m not condoning jumping into stuff feet first without some thought or idea of what you are doing or why but I do see one issue which seems to freeze people to the spot. Paralysis by Analysis.

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