There was a time I taught my very first IT lesson you know.

It was a long time before I had set up my own training company and was delivering Cisco courses to blue chip companies all over the UK.

I volunteered to teach e-mail sending to novice users at work. It was pretty easy and was another string to my bow.

It was fun, easy and  had another advantage which was to come in very useful later on.

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Dress for Success

Unless you are working for Google – people at your work will usually wear smart dress if they are customer facing.

This is great news if you hate to dress smart and IT people in particular love to wear their jeans and tee shirts with amusing slogans on.

Here is where you can become unstuck though.

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Job Hunting Mistakes

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

If your strategy isn’t working then change it!

Don’t do more of it. Don’t do less of it.

Stop doing it and make changes.

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Find Out Your WHY

The reason I see most people give something up is nearly always the same.

They never stopped to work out why they wanted to achieve the thing in the first place. I mean sure, perhaps they had a vague idea around money, time or other stuff but if you had to tie them down to specifics they would struggle.

Here is how to do it.

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Aim High

I wonder why so many IT people aim so low when looking for jobs. This is especially true when trying to land their first role.

Here is a novel idea – aim high.┬áHere is why.

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Are You Lost?

You will know if you are lost if you don’t know where you are. You need to know where you are currently only if you have a destination. If you have no destination then it doesn’t really matter where you are doing does it?

If that sounds familiar it is based upon an exchange from Alice in Wonderland between Alice and the cheshire cat. Read more…

The Whole Package

There is one person who should be the most passionate about you getting the most out of your career and life. Can you guess who that person is?

That’s right. It’s you! Read more…

Experience Counts

Did you know that most people sell themselves short when it comes to listing experience on their resume. Rather than leverage what they have done they seem to dismiss it even though it counts as perfectly legitimate hands on experience.

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Keep Climbing

When you reach perfection please drop me a line so we can meet up. Until that time, have a plan and two lists of things you want to improve about yourself.

The first list is stuff you want to be able to do and the second is how you want to be. Read more…

Kissing Frogs

Have you heard the one about the princess having to kiss a few frogs before she meets her prince charming? Well the same applies to interviews.

Here’s how and why. Read more…

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