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Goal Setting

The Six Ps

The armed forces have a slightly rude version of this but for our purposes we will refer to the six P’s as:

  • Prior
  • Planning and¬†Preparation
  • Prevents
  • Pretty
  • Poor
  • Performance

And we need to know how to apply this to our search for the perfect IT job.

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Steering Cars

If you had to steer a car would you prefer to steer a stationary or a moving car?

I’m guessing that you would choose the moving car. The wheel would turn far easier because of the momentum and the fact the tyres were rolling assisting you to move the steering wheel.

So stuff is easier to do when there is some sort of momentum.

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Find Out Your WHY

The reason I see most people give something up is nearly always the same.

They never stopped to work out why they wanted to achieve the thing in the first place. I mean sure, perhaps they had a vague idea around money, time or other stuff but if you had to tie them down to specifics they would struggle.

Here is how to do it.

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Aim High

I wonder why so many IT people aim so low when looking for jobs. This is especially true when trying to land their first role.

Here is a novel idea Рaim high. Here is why.

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Are You Lost?

You will know if you are lost if you don’t know where you are. You need to know where you are currently only if you have a destination. If you have no destination then it doesn’t really matter where you are doing does it?

If that sounds familiar it is based upon an exchange from Alice in Wonderland between Alice and the cheshire cat. Read more…