Act Like You Mean Business

Your career is a serious matter – so why do most people treat it like a hobby?

Every aspect of your job hunting should be planned, prepared and executed with military precision. You can easily stand out from at least 85% of the market just by doing this.So many people spend more time complaining about their lack of results than they do actually applying for jobs. I’m sure that doesn’t apply to you but from now on, I want you to treat your job hunting as seriously as you would your health or family. Once you land your job you can take a break before implementing your advancement strategy.

Paul Browning

18 Responses to “Act Like You Mean Business”

  1. Interview is not farce, everyone should treat it seriously.

  2. Good attitude towards opportunity will bring good results.

  3. “military precision” …Job hunting’ like a battle…cut or to be cut.

  4. Business’s no kidding, shoppers better back off.

  5. Opportunities always favor the prepared. So be prepared and serious.

  6. It can be nice to nowadays lastly find a place where the blogger knows honestly well with regards to his question.

  7. Before you actually land the job, looking for a job is your job. Well put, Paul. It can be a discouraging process, but approaching job hunting like you really mean it can give you the egde you need.

  8. In order to be taken seriously, one needs to be serious about what they are doing. I think that people respect people who are earnest and dedicated.

  9. Interviewers can definitely tell if you are taking the process seriously. I have had the occasion to sit in on hiring committees.

  10. Always be prepared on interviews. You have no idea who will be there or what opportunities you will be walking into.

  11. This is so important when you are trying to get people to notice you. It is impressive when you see someone taking something seriously.

  12. It is so important to take applying for jobs seriously. I see some of my competition acting as if it doesn’t matter, but I know that it really does, and that I will benefit from my preparation and dedication.

    • I sometimes wonder if people act like they don’t care as a “self-protection” mechanism against rejection. If they act like they don’t care then they can act like being turned down doesn’t matter.

      • Continuing to think about this. To the extent that lack of self-confidence causes some of us to behave in ways that are counter-productive (such as acting like the job hunt does not matter) we could all use someone else serving as “coach” to buck us up and tell us to “pretend you *do* care even if you say you don’t.”

  13. People easily become complacent that’s is why I think they tend to be in a goofy state. Showing your best, being prompt, being neat are good enough to land you a job, might even let you decide the position. I’ve seen it myself.

  14. I’m new to this blog and enjoying reading through all the posts and comments. The advice on job hunting is so timely with so many people out of work.

  15. I’ve often advised people – “act like you really want the job. You can always turn down a job offer you don’t want, but you can’t accept a job offer you don’t get!”

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