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Do You Have a Card?

Do You Have a Card?

I talk a lot about networking with other people on this site, mainly in the training videos.

Networking is the best way to get a job or contract because of the sheer power of work of mouth marketing.

Now Imagine you get to meet or even bump into somebody who runs an IT department and they are interesting in speaking to you again. At the end of the conversation they ask for your business card. What would you say?

If you have to write you details on a scrap of paper then the game is over I’m afraid.

Business cards are so easy to obtain and are very inexpensive. My business card tips are:

  • Add your name and contact number
  • Put down a e-mail and website if appropriate
  • Use a good quality thick card
  • Get a matt finish if possible
  • Avoid cheap roadside card machines
  • Avoid printers who add their logo to the back
  • Add any logos for qualifications you may have
  • Avoid showing off with 20+ letters after your name (unless appropriate)
  • Don’t put CEO if you are the only one in your company

Paul Browning

11 Responses to “Do You Have a Card?”

  1. In business “First Impression” always lasts. The “Calling card”, that is creatively and well thought out, it alone establishes rapport. And every psychologist would say RAPPORT + INTEREST = RAPPORT! This is especially true when you are selling a product, or in this case you are selling yourself. The art of trading is a warfare, and in this warfare we need all the ammo we can carry, especially nowadays since Donald Trump himself thinks that Network Marketing will surpass traditional methods of selling.

  2. A few years ago, I found myself in a similar situation. While I was attending an old colleagues anniversary party, I ran into a very important owner of a local company. This person was capable of opening a lot of doors for me. The two of us had a great conversation. I found myself immediately regretting not having a business card handy. The conversation ended with me writing my contact information on a napkin. You could only imagine how embarrassing this was. Needless to say, I never received a call. Thankfully, I now carry a business card everywhere I go.

  3. A business card is like your bill board. everyone know how important advertisements are, why not put a little investment and invest in advertising yourself. This is a good article. Pretty simple but it is one of the thing people ignore

    • I do have business cards, but I had not thought of them as a personal “bill board”. You’re right though, Even the fact of having a business card to hand to somebody creates a certain image – it’s an advertisement. How the card is designed, how attractive it is, how easy to read it is – all those things are part of advertising. I like the analogy!

  4. It is very unprofessional to give someone something you just wrote. Makes you look uncool in my opinion. I always carry a card with me at all times. Since i’m into construction and mainly do High rise Building it is always important to leave a good impression. You never know when you might stumble upon a big developer.

  5. Putting CEO on your own card when only you are in the company is something you should only consider if you can carry the title. Imagine writing CEO and yet you dress as if your a teenager? nevertheless if you don’t have a registered Corporation and you did put CEO, you pretty much should just get lost.

  6. Paul ,

    A good post. I attend a lot of networking events where professionals are from various backgrounds and I have seen that we are still relying on old type of business cards. Its not only the info somebody wants to look at.

    Before you speak , it should be the business card which should speak about you and give you a top edge.

    I feel that the design , paper , typography etc that is used for the card reflects who you are.

    We are a designing company and I have not met a single person who has not been wow’ed after looking at my business card. May be you want to see the card as well. Here it is :- https://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dhhtmfmb_9cj4pqv7w

    There are lot of more other innovative business cards I have seen in the latest events. The one which I still remember is when somebody handed over their business card to me and when I opened the flap , it had a nice presentation about their company in it and I am using it these days as a paper weight as well 🙂 but it keeps me reminding of their intelligence and its the free marketing which is happening for them because whoever comes to my office , look at it and appreciate it.

    So , in my perception its not about having a card , its about your card doing the marketing for you and that too viral.

  7. Couldn’t agree more – whether you’re job-hunting or seeking new business, or would like to refer someone you know for an opportunity, it’s all about creating and maintaining contact.

    Offering a professional-looking business card is a way to maintain contact, and gives you the opportunity to ask for one in return. Next step? Follow-up in a timely but not pushy manner.

  8. Thank you for your tips on creating your business cards. As several other comments have indicated, after creating your cards, it’s important to carry them with you at all times. I’d add two more pieces of advice, based on prior awkward experience.

    Carry them in a case of some kind to keep them from getting bent or smudged. And carry them in a jacket pocket or quickly accessible section of your handbag or briefcase. It’s really embarrassing to be rummaging frantically for a card while repeatedly muttering “I’ve got one right here, just give me a sec” 🙂

  9. I overheard a conversation earlier today. Someone was talking about the cost of getting their business cards printed and several other people told her to do them on her computer. I’ve had so-so experience creating cards using my computer and printer. It’s OK for a few cards, but not hundreds at a time, in my opinion.

  10. I’ve made business cards using a program on my computer as well. I found myself wasting probably one fourth of them because of not breaking them apart carefully or other reasons. I think next time I need a set, I’ll try a printing company.

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