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How to Make People Instantly Like You

How to Make People Instantly Like You

Being liked is a very useful thing.

It is the grease which makes our personal and business relationships work. We’ve all worked with people who were unlikeable and it makes going to work a real drag.

What if there was a way to become instantly likeable? What if we could use this skill whenever we needed it and what if it was free?

We have it at our disposal already.

It is called a smile. It makes people warm to you immediately and for some reason they can’t quite fathom, they want to smile right back at you.

10 Responses to “How to Make People Instantly Like You”

  1. Hi Paul,

    I completly agree! I have allways had this outlook on life and people do not realsie how simple and affective a smile can be! Its a bit like yawning if someone yawns at you you find yourself yawning back! Well smiling is the same and is a great ice breaker speacilly on the ladies front 🙂

    Great Article Paul!


  2. Hi Paul
    I know what you mean I have worked with some real dour po-faced people in the past and there is nothing worse.

    What does it take to to smile, it does not cost anything, it does not hurt and it makes your day that bit easier 😉


  3. A simple 🙂 works wonders.

  4. Who would think that something so small can do such wonders for a person? I had a colleague a couple years ago that never smiled. In fact, he always looked angry. No one ever wanted to be around this guy, some even feared him. After a few months I was put into a position where I was around him more than usual, which forced me to get to know him. Turns out, he was a really nice guy. When I finally did see him smile it seemed like his entire face literally lit up. I couldn’t help but to think of how many opportunities that have probably passed this man all because he never smiled.

  5. Psychologists, and Receptionists would agree that a smile is so potent, it disarms angry people. while we do not encourage you do this during a funeral, or a place where we must be serious smiling really has its wonders. scientist call this human characteristics, as contagious really.

  6. being kind and smiling would bring you a long way into success. We should often realizes that it pays to be kind to other people. Cheers!

  7. Investing in others really makes the concept of Karma interesting. We might not get the Kindness in return from the same person, but other doors of blessings return sooner or later.

  8. I find it most effective to smile at every one even the mean office mates. There’s something dignifying when you can smile amidst pressure. Its like you see yourself hurdling over that obstacle effortlessly.

  9. Offering a smile and a friendly greeting, even in a tense situation, is also a good way to put yourself into a win-win mindset. And to like yourself!

  10. Paul, you said being liked is a very useful thing, for both personal and business relationships. So true. When people like you they also usually trust you. If they trust you they’ll go the extra step for you, or listen to your ideas rather than dismissing them, or feel comfortable to share information with you – all important aspects of a relationship. Of course, you must reciprocate. But a warm smile will certainly pre-dispose people to like you. It’s then up to you to live up to their regard.

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