Keep Climbing

When you reach perfection please drop me a line so we can meet up. Until that time, have a plan and two lists of things you want to improve about yourself.

The first list is stuff you want to be able to do and the second is how you want to be.Stuff you want to be able to do will include technical skills, qualifications and other skills such as being able to touch type or speak other languages. It doesn’t have to all be job related.

How you want to be is a list of soft skills including interpersonal stuff and inner work such as self confidence, public speaking and listening skills. You can learn much of this stuff by watching others who are good at it, going on courses or even reading books such as ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People.’

What are you waiting for?

Paul Browning

20 Responses to “Keep Climbing”

  1. Hah!Just like computer, hardware and soft ware….good analogy

  2. We should learn from others, it’s an effective way for improvement.

  3. Skills irrelevant to jobs often bring new scenario to one’s career, just keep open to novel ideas:)

  4. There’s no line of perfection…so keep climbing !

  5. Incentive comes from comparison and competition. It easy to win friends but hard to beat yourself.

  6. Interpersonal communication is a big challenge, especially for computer geeks or any other kind of geeks…

  7. In need of “soft skills”. I need more training for EQ…

  8. Keep climbing is good but don’t rush too hard, watch out the steps 🙂

  9. There are so many things that I want to learn. Definitely interested in having some more of the “soft skills”. I think that they are the ones that enhance any of my technical qualifications, and will make me stand out from my peers.

  10. I think having a number of skills is a really great idea. The broader your knowledge, the better your chances are of connecting with people. Finding something to talk about when you meet someone for the first time is easier if you are well versed in many things.

  11. Working on self improvement is very empowering. It is important to be able to communicate what you know, and improving communication skills is helpful in every aspect of life.

  12. Becoming a well rounded person is a great idea. A person who has many well polished skills becomes a force to be reckoned with.

  13. There is no such thing as “finished learning”. There is so much more to learn than we will ever know. I would like to learn and experience as much as I can. I don’t ever expect to be satisfied.

  14. What is perfection?

    Like you said, there is no such thing as “achieving perfection”. We will always strive for something beyond today’s idea of perfect.

  15. I have a professional “bucket list”. I look at every failure as a potential success, it does not always work, but at least I can make it through the week!

  16. My philosophy is never to be satisfied with just ok. If I think that I have already mastered something, I take a step back and realize that there is so much more out there to be learned.

  17. When self improvement becomes a goal its a whole new playing field. not only are you investing on your biggest asset. you are actually making yourself more likable to people around you . . .

  18. Balance is key. Paul your advice about creating *two* lists is so important – one for professional development and one for personal development. The two complement one another, though personal development will carry you throughout your life.

  19. This is the right time of year to be reminded of this message. Definitely keep climbing through the new year!

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