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Passed CCNA and Landed a Job

Passed CCNA and Landed a Job

I love to share stories of students who have little hands on experience or industry experience but still decide to study hard. They pass the exam and it comes as no surprise to me that they get a job.

Here is a note from Brian Cleary who wrote to me this week and did just that. I want his story to give you the  belief you need that if you put the work in you will get the result.


“Hi Paul,
I finally landed my first position in IT. The opportunity came directly from earning the CCNA. I’ve been meaning to mail you for the last while to Thank You.

I struck gold when I found some of your videos on YouTube regarding subnetting and I haven’t looked back since.
The company have requested I pass the A+, and Net+ as its policy for all the junior engineers, Yet I’m the only junior with the CCNA hehe. Anyway after that I will be continuing with my next goal, The CCNP.

I simply wanted to Thank You for all the material that’s allowed me to pass the CCNA, Also the whole attitude of the site and daily newsletters, They were a huge factor in staying committed to the new career path as it was tough at times with the lack of opportunities for someone with very little to no production network experience.
Thank you Paul,


Enough said.

Paul Browning

4 Responses to “Passed CCNA and Landed a Job”

  1. ooopss….I have so much hands on experience…but no CCNA cert…

    Julius Peter Lainjo
  2. This is extremely inspiring to those, myself included, not to ever give up applying for the type of job you want even if you have little or no commercial experience. I think this is one in the eye for those who say you can’t get a job if you have just the qualification with no/little experience. Power to both you and Paul’s training!

  3. hey i am CCNA certified but not getting the core job in networking can you help me out in this…..?

    can u just send me samples of resumes, i think it may help me..

  4. I had no hands-on experience when i took my CCNA exam, i guess this is why i failed three times in a row before getting certified, it was a good experience, and its totally worth it.

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