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Steering Cars

Steering Cars

If you had to steer a car would you prefer to steer a stationary or a moving car?

I’m guessing that you would choose the moving car. The wheel would turn far easier because of the momentum and the fact the tyres were rolling assisting you to move the steering wheel.

So stuff is easier to do when there is some sort of momentum.

Applying this to your job hunting strategy, would it not be easier to make decisions and take action if you were already taking action and moving towards your goal?

Just a thought.

Paul Browning

8 Responses to “Steering Cars”

  1. Paul, you’re right, It’s not easy at first to build up momentum in the job search but once you take action it’s easier to do it again, and once the momentum is going, somehow it’s easier to keep doing all the things required for a successful job search. I’m reminded of the 100 steps you talked about in your earlier post.

  2. OK, this comment doesn’t have anything to do with job hunting, but your post made me remember the first time I tried to drive – the car was barely moving but it felt to me like it was out of control! I would have gladly tried to steer a stationary car at that point 🙂 But it became easier over time, and I suppose the analogy is, it will be easier to find the dream job with a job hunting strategy that keeps moving forward.

  3. Having a specific goal is essential. Having interim goals helps too, because achieving those interim goals helps with the momentum.

    • Goals have to be specific. If they are too vague or ill-defined, it’s so easy to lose focus and stop steering at all. Can you suggest any good books about goal-setting?

      • There are many books on setting goals. Go to amazon.com and just search for “goal setting” 🙂 One that came out this year and seems popular is “Goals: How to get everything you want – faster than you ever thought possible”.

  4. Steering a car that is stationary is a lot like starting a new venture. It takes a lot of effort; it’s difficult, and it can take a long time to begin to move . But suddenly you realize that something *is* moving, and all of a sudden it’s easier to steer, and then there’s more momentum, and it’s even easier to steer. The next time you’re doing something that seems to be making no headway, ask if you’ve given yourself long enough to begin building momentum. Take a look at Paul’s earlier post on “100”.

    • I’m glad you mentioned the post on “100” – about it taking 100 tries to succeed. Because at some point, sometimes, one has to accept that despite best efforts, things are not working out. And then you have to deal with the definition of insanity – “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” 🙂 The challenge is to work hard enough and long enough to build momentum, but if the effort still doesn’t enable you to steer in the direction you want, then making the decision at some point to change the approach or to completely stop.

  5. Couldn’t agree more. Job hunting is a process, and building up momentum by taking action toward the goal makes it easier to keep going.

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