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This post is about how many times you can expect to have to attempt a thing before achieving success. And the magic number is 100.

Take my friend who had a manuscript for a book and was trying to find a publisher. 99 said no and number 100 said yes. He has published over 30 books since and produced 2 movies.

JK Rowling had her book ‘Harry Potter’ rejected 100 times.

I had to make 100 calls before I landed a lucrative training deal with a government department.

So how many resumes will you sent out before complaining that you are getting no interviews?

How many interviews will you attend before you say that nobody will give you a break?

Paul Browning

9 Responses to “100”

  1. I’ve heard that it takes ten thousand repititions to excel at a skill, so being willing to do something 100 times to get the result you hope for doesn’t sound so bad. Perserverence is essential.

    But I also realize how difficult it is to face the world each day when you feel rejected and unappreciated and even a little desperate if you’ve been out of work for very long.

    It could be well worth it to make a “100 times” plan. 100 resumes mailed in the next 100 days; 100 telephone calls or follow-up contacts with people you know and people you’ve interviewed with … or 100 other actions. What else could be in a 100 times plan?

  2. Consider the power of positive thinking. Look in the mirror first thing every morning for one hundred days and tell yourself “It takes 100 tries to succeed. I’m going to succeed. Today I’m going to do “X” and “Y” again”.

    • I’m trying to remember the last time I really tried over and over until I succeeded at a goal. I can’t recall anytime recently. Ouch! Have I gotten so comfortable with what I have that I don’t strive for more?

  3. Is 100 tries to achieve your dream job too much to ask? I don’t think so.

  4. Years resolution – aim for the magic number of 100 attempts before giving up on a goal.

  5. I was about to send this stream of messages to my brother, who’s been looking for work since July – but just got a Facebook note from him that he was offered a job (and has accepted.) I don’t know if he sent out 100 resumes or not, but I’m sure it felt like that to him.

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